Jan 04

Running Ecstasy

So…I had a little confusion on my run this weekend.

See, I’m on a strict regimen from my physical therapist: I’m supposed to run every other minute for 30 minutes every other day.

But, I decided to run on some fun trails this weekend. I took Ada the Dog with me to Point Defiance Park.I get lost pretty much every time that I go to Point Defiance Park, and this weekend was not exception.

Ada the Dog and I after our run.

Sooo, because I got lost, my 30 minute run turned into a 40 minute run….and during the last 15 minutes or so, I ran two minutes and then walked one minute. (I was running late because of the accidental detour, so had to hurry).

And guess what?

It felt so good.

So freaking good.

I then realized how I got injured in the first place.

Guys, it’s not that runners are stupid. It’s that our brains our so elated with happy-run feelings that we can barely sense pain while we’re in our state of running ecstasy. See? It’s not our fault.

Do you get running ecstasy? Do you think my theory about why runners get injured is correct?



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  1. Tasha @ Healthy Diva

    I know exactly what you mean. I have a bad case of running ecstasy. Hence why I was injured too. UGH. :/

  2. Jac @ Challenged & Running in the Bike Lane

    I do understand “runner ecstasy” or “Runner forgetfulness”. It’s so easy to just get lost in the run…who has time to pay attention to the time and what have you. I say if you’re paying attention to what your body is saying to you then you should be fine. Run for feel. I think sometimes we runners forget that – run for feel – but if you can remember it, it helps with injury!!!

  3. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    Ahhh, I can imagine that that felt pretty damn good. Yeah, I’m kind of having the same problem right now. I know I should be taking it slow and giving my body some time but it feels so good!

  4. Alicia

    I love this.

    No, runners are not stupid.

    But yes, we get that high and we don’t want to stop. I’m pretty sure this is how I get injured too. I just can’t say no to a run once you’ve hit your stride. you basically become a running junkie and any time you can’t run is like withdrawal. The worst.

    Take it easy though – you don’t want to not be able to run at all! :)

    Ada is adorable, btw!

  5. Yo Momma Runs

    That has definitely happened to me. I ran 20 miles yesterday but could barely walk around for 10 minutes in heels today. My back was killing me, but I didn’t really feel it while running for 3 hours. Those endorphins are amazing things!

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