Dec 17

Lazy vs. Champion…who will win?

Have I ever told you about my half marathon PR? I got it in 2008 at my very first half marathon. It was long before I started this blog, and I ran the entire thing in cotton shorts with no fueling, no Garmin, and pretty much no idea what pace I was running (this race didn’t have any mile markers).

It seems crazy that my PR would be from a time when I didn’t know, or really care, at all about running basics. I seriously thought tech gear was stupid…why pay for an expensive shirt, when the cheap cotton ones work so well? I thought I was really good at pacing myself comfortably and consistently, and truthfully, I’ll never know if that was the case or not, since I didn’t have a GPS tracker to help me out. And gels? Blech! Why would someone want to eat while they ran? It seemed like a very silly thing to do, as far as I was concerned.

And yet, despite my complete lack of knowledge over what a runner “should” do, I was a good runner. I mean, not impressive or anything, but so much faster and stronger than I am now.

And it drives me crazy. Now I feel like I know it all…and yet, I.can’t.get.faster. This is particularly disturbing, because I don’t think my PR was anywhere near my full potential at the time – if I had used gels or had a garmin to keep me steady, I think I could have been faster. If I’m right, and I wasn’t running to my full potential at the time, then my complete inability to run a race anywhere near my half PR is just really, really sad.

As far as I can tell there are 3 things keeping me from getting faster: 1) Age. 2) Weight. 3) Laziness.

Let’s break these down:

1) Age. Point blank. I’m not a spring chicken, and my body is falling apart. Falling. Apart. I really can’t run as frequently as I used to, because when I try, I get injured. Bodies slow down as they age. I don’t know why, but it sure seems to be working out that way in my life.

2) Weight. I weigh a good 10 pounds more than I did when I was a good runner. Do I think dropping that weight would help? Yes. Am I going to drop that weight? Probably not. I know how to lose weight. It’s really not that complicated. But it’s work, and it’s not fun. And I’m apparently not willing to work or give up fun.

3). Laziness. I think that this is probably the main problem. I can’t follow a training plan, because I’m simply too lazy. If I don’t feel like doing my long run, I just won’t. I have never in my life finished a track workout, because I don’t like running fast. I just don’t really care enough to get out there and do what I need to do to get trained up to earn a PR.

Despite this, I’m trying to give up the lazy. The age and the weight can stick around, but if I want to PR, I’ve got to get it out there and actually train. So, I’m training for a half marathon PR…attempt. The goal race is in 3 months: The Tacoma Saint Paddy’s Day Run. I’ve been trying to get moving and train up, and it hasn’t been great, but I almost finished a track workout once, and sometimes I do my scheduled long run!

How do you beat the lazy and become a champion?


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  1. Abby @ Change of Pace

    Woohoo- go out there and get after it!
    As long as you try to stick to your plan, it’s better than not sticking to it at all!

    1. runfundone

      Oh Abby, pretty much as soon as I wrote this post, my tendonitis started acting up! I took it easy for a bit though, so I think I’ll be able to get back on track now! Hopefully!!!!

  2. Robyn

    The long run, IMO, is the one workout you shouldn’t be skipping if you want to get better…so maybe that’s a good starting point :) I also don’t think speedwork needs to be designated to a track only. I spent years on the track and am still scared of it, so I just don’t use it. I like doing some faster miles in the middle of a regular run. It’s less intimidating than the track but still boosts your fitness. I think the most important thing to focus on is how bad you actually want to PR. If you really, truly, want to go for it, then just try and use that motivation to get out the door!

    1. runfundone

      I’m usually pretty good about not skipping the long run…the only problem is that I’ll skip all the others! Really ALL the others! Lol! And you’re right, if I really wanted it, I’d get it done!

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