Dec 31

New Year: Look Back, Look Front

The main joy of blogging is, of course, talking about oneself a lot.

Just kidding.

A little. I’m kidding a little. It is kind of fun to write about oneself.

There are other benefits to blogging as well, and two of them are relevant to this post: 1) Blogging helps you remember stuff. 2) Blogging keeps you accountable.

Since it’s a new year, it’s time to think about what I hope for in 2014. It’s also time to think about if I achieved my goals for 2013.

Of course, I couldn’t really remember my goals for 2013, but this blog, and it’s memory-helping talents, came in handy.

As it turns out, my only goal for 2013 was to complete a sprint triathlon. And guess what? I did it! Woo hoo!

Finishing my first tri!

Finishing my first tri!

Bolstered by confidence from successfully completing my one goal for 2013, I’ve decided to create some more goals for 2014. I’ve decided to share them with you so that I will feel shamed into accomplishing them. (In other words, so that you can keep me accountable).

Goals for 2014:

Fitness Goals:

  1. Complete another sprint triathlon. Panic less during the swim.
  2. Complete another marathon. Train better

As you may have noticed, my fitness goals are really not so measurable. This is because of fear. If I put things like, “Get a PR,” then I’ll get flustered, which will not help me to get said PR. It’s best to have subjective goals. Isn’t that what they say about goals? Make them subjective so that no one can say that you failed? No? That’s not what they say?

Financial Goals:

  1. Put 27% of my income into long-term savings. (Most of this will go towards retirement).
  2. Sit down 1x/month with Husband Saign to track net worth.

Twenty-seven percent of my pre-tax income is probably going to be a bit tight. On another day, I’ll write about why I chose this (somewhat odd) percentage. As far as net-work tracking, I’ve never done it, mostly because I’ve pretty much just always been in the red. (I still am…you know, those darn student loans…and now the mortgage). But even if the number is negative, I think that tracking each month will help us to stay motivated and keep improving our financial situation.

Spiritual Goals:

  1. Pray/meditate each day before work.
  2. Read the whole Bible in 2014.

I’m a spiritual/religious person, but I’ve hit some rough patches. I want to feel more “on-track” spiritually, and these are some goals that I hope will help me get there. I’ve already read the whole Bible, but since my memory fails me, it won’t hurt to read it again.

So, with that, I’m jumping from having one whole goal last year, to having 3 different categories of goals this year. You know what else is crazy? I think I might even track my progress on the blog. I know, what a dorko.

What are your goals for 2014?




  1. Abby @ Change of Pace

    Great goals! I was wondering why you chose 27%.
    And I love that you want to run another marathon and sprint tri!
    Looking forward to following along in 2014!

    1. runfundone

      Ah ha ha. Okay, I’m going to write about why 27% in specifics someday, but really I had a dollar amount there, and switched it to say 27% because I didn’t want to put an actual dollar amount out on the internets for all to see. I really think that as a culture we need to be more comfortable talking about money…but I’m right there with the culture, feeling uncomfortable talking about money!

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