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My Monthly Money Challenges!

Do you ever hear about ways that people save money, and think, “That’s crazy!” Or maybe, “Oh…that sounds like a lot of work, I wonder if it’s worth it…”

Well, me too! So for 2014, I’m determined to try out some different money saving (and money earning techniques) and report back to you about them. I’ve decided to do 12 challenges throughout the year, 1 for each month. My Monthly Money Challenges!

January – No car commute month: In January, I will not drive to work. I now live close enough to work that I have a few different options for transporting to work without a car. In January, I will explore these options, and report back to you on how it all worked out.

February – Get rid of crap month: Saign and I have many things lying around our house that we could sell. You know, things we don’t use and don’t need. But selling stuff is so much work, so we don’t sell. We just hoard. In February, I pledge to stop being so lazy, and start selling!

March – Save on Utilities Month: In March, I will research things like recommendations on where to set your thermostat to save money while staying sane, and will make attempts to do crazy things like turning off lights that I’m not using.

April – Use coupons month: Oh how I would love to save money by using coupons. But coupons are just so very inconvenient. In April, I pledge to try out couponing. I anticipate that it will be miserable.

May – Reduce Our Grocery Spending Month: I am generally quite aware of costs of groceries, and typically don’t buy over-priced items at the grocery store. But I also like certain things (like grapes) and am willing to pay for them, even when they are spendy. I wonder how low I could get our food spending while still feeling like I’m eating healthy, satisfying meals.

June – Don’t be a Food Waster Month: Oh how I waste food. It’s really hard to eat it all up before it goes bad! In June I’ll make special efforts to eat food before it spoils.

So…that’s only half the year. I couldn’t think of anything else. Thank goodness that I have 6 whole months to plan out the second half of the year! :)

Are there money saving techniques that you want to experiment with? Do you have any suggestions for me of challenges to try?


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  1. Nora

    Bring your lunch to work? Or some other cooking at home related goal.

    Pay for things in cash and save all change in a jar.

    1. runfundone

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m pretty good about bringing my lunch to work, but I could work on coming up with some more creative foods to bring to work for lunch. It’s the weirdest thing, but there’s no microwave in my building, so I have to bring foods that don’t need to be heated, which makes it tough!

      1. Nora

        That is tough! Sometimes you just want to eat something hot and comforting, especially in winter.

  2. Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

    These are great goals! I found this one idea from a blogger where you start by saving $1 a week, each week you add a dollar. By the end of year, you would have saved nearly $1400! So easy!

  3. Liz

    I like that you are trying a new challenge each month. I feel like this is a good way to work into saving money vs. trying to do everything at once.

    As far as couponing goes for April , I reccomend following a couponing website. learned a lot from couponmom.com. she finds the deals for you at each major store and then tells you what coupons you need to get the deal. It’s nice because I never clip coupons unless I find a deal on her list that I want. Other then that, I just keep them in a stack in my office.

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