Jun 04

Good-bye, Charlie!

Something crazy happened two weeks ago!

Uh…actually, it wasn’t that crazy. It was totally and completely logical. It’s crazy that it didn’t happen several YEARS ago: I sold my beloved motorcycle, Charlie. (FYI, Charlie was a female motorcycle).

Me & Charlie the Motorcycle

Me & Charlie the Motorcycle

Charlie the Motorcycle was never meant to be a toy. I bought her when I lived in LA and gas prices got really high. I had to commute pretty far for my practicum experiences, and had to commute somewhat for my job as well, so I was spending a lot of money in gas (particularly because Dora the Ford Explorer took a lot of gas). I wanted a motorcycle to reduce commuting costs.

While vehicles are generally a poor investment (because they depreciate in value), Charlie the Motorcycle was a great investment from a practical standpoint: Not only did it cost me almost nothing in gas to get around Los Angeles, I often was able to snag free parking that wasn’t available to cars. When I commuted 40 miles round-trip to UCLA, it was actually cheaper for me to take my motorcycle than it was to take the bus!

When I lived in Los Angeles, Charlie the Motorcycle was my primary vehicle, while Dora the Ford Explorer sat at home unless it was raining (which was almost never). I saved thousands of dollars by riding Charlie the Motorcycle for 3 years all around Los Angeles. When I moved to Miami, I continued to commute with Charlie the Motorcycle as much as possible, though the horrible rain and humidity forced me to ride less than I wanted to. Finally, when I moved to Tacoma, motorcycle commuting became nearly impossible for most of the year…and running injuries made motorcycles an impossibility during my first summer here. Charlie the Motorcycle sat in the garage, collecting dust.

Finally, two weeks ago, we (and by we, I mean Husband Saign) posted an ad on Craigslist, and Charlie the Motorcycle went to a new home. I was sad to say good-bye to my faithful motorcycle, but happy to have extra money to throw at the mortgage!

These Benjamins went to the bank and were used to pay down our mortgage!

These Benjamins went to the bank and were used to pay down our mortgage!

I’m hoping to continue to find things that I no longer use, and pass them on to happier homes, while taking the money I make to reduce our mortgage!

What things do you need to get rid of? If you were to sell a few things, what would you do with the money?

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  1. Abby

    You look like such a biker babe!! Yes- I’m sure in California you saved tons on parking with a motorcycle instead of vehicle!!
    Kelly had a motorcycle for a couple years. The riding season is SO short here, and when he had so many other hobbies it was rarely used. I was happy to have the cash instead of the bike taking up space in our garage :)

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